Things at the yard are really good

I had a good show yesterday with Squeak, my four year old, although he was annoyingly spooky in the clear round but somehow I managed to get him round

and he did a double clear in the British Novice. He is so spooky but mainly at things around the arena not so much the jumps.

It is difficult when they are like that as they don’t allow you to ride them the way you would like. I will continue for a bit and see if I can improve on that, if not I will sell him. Fortunately he is a beautiful horse with super paces and no doubt would go on to be a good one. I like sharp horses, they are so much easier for women.

Today I have a quiet day, waiting for deliveries and rinsing just one or two.

Robert and I went running this morning. We try to do this a couple of times a week. It does help to motivate you and obviously keep fit, which for me is very important. Soon I won’t need to as I will have four horses of my own to do in October and thereafter.

Things at the yard are really good. I’m so busy with my teaching and that’s fabulous, especially when I’m getting so many good competitive clients coming through.

Also the yard is full up with good young horses, exactly what I prayed for. I want horses that are really good quality jumpers, our facilities are so good now that it’s crazy not to take advantage of this.

I’m wondering where I will put my own horses, at present I’ve totally run out of stables.

I’m thinking of getting planning for a few more with living above, this would be wonderful. Robert and I are trying to work out if we could get a mortgage for this for a small loan. I think it looks possible and now I have found a good planning company I’m feeling very hopeful this may work.

I’m also feeling very blessed to have Robert. This week we are looking at buying an HGV, thankfully he has looked round it for me and given it the all clear. It’s so fab to have a mechanic on site as well as everything else he can do.

God is so faithful. He is exactly what I have been praying for, anyway I must go as my first client has just appeared .

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