Its a miserable Monday

Rest day at the Yard. Its a miserable Monday and I’m in my favourite cafe in Buckhurst Hill having lunch looking out the window and reflecting the week.

Claire who used to own Argento now has a new horse, the lame one went back and it turned out its blood was contaminated, so total refund and new horse reinstated. I’m shocked about the blood as it came off my old friend Chuck from Brazil. So it just shows you, you cannot even trust your friend.

Her new horse is called Bear, and I really like it. It’s big, bay and a magnificent jumper so I’m super exited about helping her with him.

I’ve sold all the pups and they all got amazing homes and I have already got lovely pictures coming through on Facebook. I love that I have made so many people happy including my bank manager.

Robert is plugging away at the walker and we nearly have the ground circle done. I really wish Nik would come and help him. I tried yesterday but it was a killer on my back, which didn’t help Odette pulling me over and kicking my leg. She’s a handful!

Squeak is going brilliant and I’m missing my horses now and really looking forward to bringing them in this week. The weather is cold and wet so no real need to keep them out any longer.

Dazzle sadly is leaving at the weekend. The young girl who owns her is taking her to a yard near the Forest. I’m pleased about that. To be honest she didn’t really fit in at the yard as we all really do compete and I think she wanted to hack and my yard isn’t ideal for hacking.

I will miss Dazzle but I won’t miss the extra work. I think I want liveries that ride at least 4 times a week, otherwise it’s a lot of work for me, especially with four of my own horses now. I don’t mind schooling liveries as they’re paying me to ride but full liveries that are getting schooling livery is not really what we want.

The week ahead is going to be interesting as I have a new worker (Ely) who is covering whilst Chelsea is away. She is very good I have to say. I’d like her to come to Keysoe with me. We will take squeak for the first time to a new venue, this could be exciting, but hopefully not to exciting.

Church has been lovely lately, both Robert and I feel really close to God and I think it reflects through the yard. Many of my clients say how wonderful the yard is and what a delight it is to be there. In my mind I know why.

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