Great news at last

It’s been a super start to October. Not only is the sun out but it’s very warm and all my horses are in and back in work.

I now own four top horses, two of which I’ve bred, Sky and Sparkles and Squeak and Argento. Squeak has been in work the longest and he has now been to a handful of shows with me, and to my delight he’s been great.

I took him to Keysoe yesterday. That was his first indoor show ever  and he went round really nicely, but sadly had a very silly vertical down but finished on four faults and was a pleasure to ride.

The others are slowly coming back into work and I cannot wait to get all four out there. I had such an amazing season on Sky which has really paid off. The exciting news is I had a letter from the Equine Pathway saying they have selected us for another year. This for me is something really important and special, not only is it a compliment to my riding and training but to my breeding programs as well.

Now I have my first lesson with John and Matt Lanni on Monday, and Di Lampard will be there and she is going to love that Sky is Sky Highs son. She helped me produce Sky High to the Grand Prix level.

So I’m so pleased I got on and obviously very happy. Now I just have to get him fit as he does look very fat.

Sparkles is the only other horse I can get on it as they have now changed the format to horses between five and seven years. So I hope next year they will select him. I think they will as he is very very talented, as you all will see in a few months.

I heard some sad news that poor Anna Ekelund is still angry that she was told to leave the yard. It’s amazing how long she’s remained upset for, it’s now over eight months. She has been telling some of my liveries that she felt cheated as I used her horse in my school. Firstly I wish I had enough clients and secondly I couldn’t pay someone to ride Vanilla. I think she was the least favourite horse on the yard. I took it as a compliment as clearly she has not been able to find any fault with my yard and therefore had to make something up.

Most people on the yard were pretty upset she posted it on Facebook and I think Grace told her what for, resulting in her swiftly removing it. But it’s a shame for her as she clearly can’t move on. I have to say the yard has gone from strength to strength and we always seem to attract very nice people here and most have been her since the beginning which really says a lot.

Odette is getting very big and strong and I suppose I will ween her soon. Sablet also looks very well and is carrying another- how exciting. I can’t imagine it being better than Odette.

I’ve been busier than ever with my teaching as I have a lot of outside clients that bring horses to me. I love that as I always feel I can really help a good horse and improve them for someone is the best feeling.

Anyway on that note I better go as Robert and Nik are finishing the horse walker. It’s not long now until I will be switching it on!

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