Monday the 28th rest day

Wow, I’ve been super busy lately and hardly anytime to write. Things have been going really well and my horses have started to come together.

Sky has been amazing on the Equine Pathway and I’m starting to see why he is on it. He is now popping 1.40 for fun. The only problem is he may be to sharp for indoor shows which is a real pity, but boy can he jump. John Ledingham refers to him as a complete gangster!

The yard looks fabulous and Robert and I rarely stop working. This week we have been working on getting a mortgage which is not so easy. On that note Robert resigned from work and has gone back into aviation. At least he’s on a decent salary now and skiing looks imminent.

The walker is very nearly finished and I cannot believe what an amazing guy he is (Robert) for being able to build this for me, saving me about 8k. Although Nik was instrumental in the ground work, working tirelessly to help Robert finish it on time, and we all had a lovely time chatting and working together.

Argento has been amazing and I’m praying my gamble of buying him will pay off. I have to say he really is my favourite to ride and I can see myself not selling him to the USA but keeping him for myself. There goes the house deposit!

OK I will definitely sell Squeak to America, and that will hopefully be enough . He’s an amazing careful jumper and some pretty young American girl is going to love him by the time I have him schooled him to a perfection.

It was funny on Facebook this week as I noticed my ex-boyfriend had commented on a post about draw reins. He copied the exact phrase I used to describe how dangerous they can be, and used it himself to gain some popularity, which he did. Robert said I should be flattered as really the likes were directed to me, he’s right of course, but what was funny was at the time my ex argued against my view on them, secretly I did laugh about that. At least now he’s come to my way of thinking even if it took five years.

Grace won two classes at Houghton Hall with loads in the class and she was two seconds faster than the person in second. She is such a good student, and always practices what I tell her and never lets me down in the ring.

Squeak came third in the British novice at Keysoe and had one down in the discovery, but jumped great. Argento will go out on the 11th for his first show.

Anyway, I’ve got a very big week with two shows on Sparkles and an Equine Pathway with Sky. I’m really looking forward to that. I will endeavor to keep you posted.

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