Fabulous week show jumping

The title says it all really. I took sky to Addington on Thursday last week and he delivered four amazing double clears.

He was placed in the National Grade C Qualifier and ended up seventh. I was super pleased as it was indoors and a bloody difficult track as it was all of his right rein . His right rein is very difficult to turn on as he locks up a bit on the bridle so sometimes you can have nothing.

Also in the warm ups he’s pretty difficult, so I avoid indoors with him really but Addington is large so I thought I’d give it a go, and it paid off, I’m back there with him on the 21st.

I took Argento to his first show since he’s rest and he won two classes. I was made up. He is such a lovely horse. I think we are going to do very well together. Squeak also gets placed at every show and today he was fourth in the discovery, which is great for a four year old.

Tomorrow I’m taking Sparkles to Bury, as I could fit him in the Lorry. I’m really looking forward to that as he is my favourite.

I’m feeling very happy tonight with the good results today at Keysoe, and my amazing boyfriend has done me proud with the horses walker. He’s currently mending a paddock fence as Odette fell over backwards in it tonight and smashed it to pieces. The joys of weaning foals. Finally it’s quiet now as they are settling into a new life alone in a stable.

Robert is amazing. I’m so blessed by God to have such a perfect partner. He’s a workaholic like me and we are constantly improving things here. We are taking the lorry for a test drive in a minute as Robert wants to make sure it’s perfectly OK for tomorrow as I found the clutch a little sticky. God is so faithful.

I have four amazing horses, a brilliant girl who works for me and a boyfriend that’s so wonderfully kind and understanding.

It’s nice to relish the easy times when things are good. I’m always on my guard as the last few years have been far from smooth. Robert has gone back into aviation, which is a better salary. I’m praying we can get the house now.

This is my biggest goal for 2016. I’ve got a big list of goals which I keep in my office. This year I achieved all of them with my showjumping but there are just two things I didn’t do and that was the tack room and workshop.

This is our end of the year goal. Hopefully Nik will pop over to help, then it might actually happen.

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