Touching base quickly

Lately I’ve been so busy I haven’t found the time to write but tonight Robert and I are off to Pilates.

Its something I’ve pushed him into as I go everywhere with him and I didn’t want to go alone. He will probably thank me for it someday.

I’ve found myself a bit stiff lately and my good friend Lars recommended it to me. He is 80 this week. Quite amazing!

The horses are all on good form. Squeak is fast becoming my favourite as he wins every class he is in, which financially is the way forward. Sky on the other hand isn’t suited to indoors so I’m just going to play with him through the Winter and maybe try a few blue chip qualifiers. 

Sparkles and Argento are jumping well, but sadly Argento had a accident last week and fell over cutting all his knees, but has quickly recovered so I will start again with him soon.Sparkles is super careful and scopey, however he’s a lot of horse for me, not like the others, and he needs a lot of pulling around. It probably would suit a man really but I love him so much and have so much faith in him, but I’m wondering now if he will be the one I sell first. I will keep you all posted.

I had a lovely day today and I completely emptied my house of all the junk we have recently accumulated, and it looks lovely. Robert will have to do the garden next, he’s so clever. In one day (yesterday) he built me a new hay barn. I am a so pleased as I won’t get wet anymore and I can safely stand inside it now when it’s raining.

He will be home soon with a bottle of red and some fresh bread as I’ve made a tomato soup and cooked a duck. We do eat rather well!

One last thing, my friend Valerie got married on Saturday in my church (a rare day off for me) it was fantastic. I never thought I could enjoy myself so much, and you know what it was, well it’s because it was full of true Christians.

It was unbelievable how touching the service was. Robert and I will definitely marry there. It was indeed really touching. God is so good. He has blessed Robert at work and he is really enjoying working on aircraft’s again. I’m very fortunate to have finally found my true best friend. Nik as well of course😉

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