A Beautiful November Sun

I’m just sitting here in the beautiful November sun, eating chocolate spread with a spoon admiring my flowers. I’ve been making the place look incredible this year with the most exotic plants and shrubs. It does look amazing.

Things have been going really well at Pentonville Lodge and my horses are on good form. I only have Sparkles and Sky as I’ve now sold all the others. I bought a well bred three year old who I backed and is currently turned away. I have two beautiful filly’s by Sky, Odette 2 years and Nanette 5 months and I no doubt will bred again in 2017.

The weather has been warm and dry which has enabled us to continue with the building of my house. It’s a four bedroom house with stables attached.

My father is building it and so far we have the foundations in and a layer of blocks down. Robert has been instrumental and my father really likes him. He can see this is a man that adores me and works unbelievably hard to make things happen.

God really has been blessing us in some amazing ways. The shows have been great and I did my first Foxhunter on sparkles last week and came 7th out of 70 starters. I was super pleased. Sky has been placed well at the shows he’s been at but I select them carefully to suit him. Tomorrow he’s doing the Grade C at Addington. A show which he loves, so I’m optimistic. Sparkles won’t go as I think it’s too much pressure for me on my own. I will take him next week to Keyso.

I’m really going to love living at the yard. I’ve been frequenting Hoddeston and I really like it.

My best friend lives close by and they have as many shops as one could wish for. Also I’d like to get to know Nazeing Church as I think it would be right to support the village.

I have some lovely shares for Romeo and big Sky as well as their lessons they both are fantastic horses for my riding school, which is about to take off as I’m now a level 3 coach, something I’ve always wanted to do. Thanks to the Equine Pathway I found it very easy and really enjoyed the courses. I will now try my hand at level four, which I believe is super hard.

Poor Robert has to take me to all the courses which are miles away and we therefore have to stay there. He books us into the most incredible hotels so I absolutely love it. He is so supportive of me and my ideas. He is also going to train to be an inspector. He will earn serious money then and I will enjoy going on his courses as they are all in Oxford, my favourite town. I cannot wait for that.

Anyway that’s it for the time being. Some sad news as my friend Bob Aquilina died of cancer yesterday. I thought a lot of him and it was very sudden. Makes you really appreciate every day you have. God bless.

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