Another Perfect Morning

Again I’m enjoying breakfast in the sun, gently sipping what appears to be a slightly off milk taste to my coffee, but it’s OK as the toast and marmalade made up for it. It’s been a beautiful summer, apparently it’s Autumn now and it’s still 24 here.

My days just get better and better. I’m watching Ursula graze next to me and she seems very happy and within a few days now I will be on her. She’s been a real dream to break.

Sky had his stifles blistered and I’m amazed at the difference. He’s completely changed and is now stiff to the left instead of the right. It’s a revaluation. I was seriously thinking of giving up. But God is faithful and has given me a brilliant vet from Hampshire to help me.

Sparkles jumped the best ever at the show last week. It’s a lovely new show called Cherwell. Its fabulous going and not too far and quality jumping. Peter Charles our Olympic gold medallist was riding there. I didn’t beat him but it was close.

I think I have got Sparkles where he needs to be on the flat. When I sent him away I don’t think he did any good flat work but he’s certainly learning it now and the ride has been transformed. To say I’m uber excited is an understatement.

Tomorrow I’m off to brook farm in Essex. It isn’t really my kind of show. Horrible Essex people, as rough as hell and a very small warm up. The only positive thing is it’s never busy so I won’t be there for long and it’s close.

I’m going on my own now as Robert has made me an electric ramp. I will be doing a lot of shows on my own. This will be an exciting Autumn on my two home breeds.

Business is as good as ever and I’m doing a lot of teaching and I only have a few liveries, which is perfect as it means less work, no staff and cheaper overheads. My dogs running free with me most times and the yard is immaculate.

My father is really keen on the house and we are very close to starting. This is amazing and life changing. I can’t imagine being the owner of a four bedroom house surrounded by forty acres. All belonging to me. I think it’s worth about 2 million as next door has just been sold for 1.2 million and only has a small garden. I’m feeling very blessed and very happy right now.

Well I had better go and get on with a bit of prep for tomorrow. I’m praying for a double clear this week.

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