The Perfect Morning

I just grabbed a coffee, which is a relief after a day from no coffee because of a nasty spell of food poisoning! The sun is out, it’s 9am and I’m sitting here grabbing some time watching Ursula wandering up and down the field.

I can see she is slightly troubled by the flies. I’m starting to think the fly rugs do serve a purpose.

My day today should be fun. I’m taking Sparkles to Codham Park, my favourite local outdoor show. Grace will come to with Eddy and we both will tackle the Newcomers.

Sparkles should make easy work of it. However, I’ve changed his flat work and got him working on his hocks and generally just playing about with him, sometimes he has a fence down that he shouldn’t have. I need to work out now if he is careful enough to produce or sell him. Either way he is a lovely amateurs horse.

My father has started building my house here on the yard. You cannot imagine how nice this house is going to be. I’m so excited about it. ATM it’s a hole in the ground, so a long way to go yet but my imagination is maxed out.  It also great to spend so much time with my Dad, as there is a lot we don’t know about each other. For starters I had no idea he built an entire estate two roads up from where I live.

Ursula is coming a long quite well and she’s very beautiful and kind. I’ve long reined her and lunged her and also lunged her with the plastic man on and so far, so good. We are now entering the stages of backing. I’m really looking forward to getting on board as she’s very much my type. I’m thinking she is a real blessing from God.

Chelsea will help me back her as she’s done two before quite successfully with her niece. That is good as she won’t need to be sent away. She’s a very good livery, the best I’ve ever had.

The yard is very busy these days with lots of new clients coming for jumping and dressage lessons. Roberts done so much work here that it really does look like a top yard now and I’ve got many visions for the future. I’m thinking about doing a lot more clinics as there seems to be a shortage in Essex right now.

I can’t even get any training myself, even if I travel. So I’m looking into that.

Robert and I had a few days in Northumberland last week, tiring drive but very enjoyable. I had to do a course but he relaxed by the sea. We stayed in a lovely pub which really reminded me of Jamaica Inn. My mind just went off into story mode. We are going back in September as I have two more days of the course. This time we are staying in a posh hotel called Egshot House. I can’t wait as it looks amazing. I’m really lucky he can come with me. He has a good and well paid job which he loves and is able to take time when he likes. It’s great that he can come along on my excursions around the UK. Mind you we don’t holiday very often so I guess it’s not really a lot when you add it up.

Anyway I’m off to get Sparkles ready for his show. That’s the problem with greys, as they are time consuming.

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