Riding Lessons

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Two happy Pentonville Lodge clients

£47.00 – A one hour lesson with Nikki Ward
£25.00 – A 30 minute lesson with Nikki Ward

£20.00 – Children lunge lessons (under 12)
£35.00 – Children riding lessons (under 12)

  • Private lessons on school masters
  • All lessons are tailored made for the rider
  • Packaged deals are available upon request

£40.00 – Everyday hacks (£10.00 for extra hour)

Anyone who has learnt to ride elsewhere will be assessed in their first lesson and rated according to Nikki’s overview of the lesson. If riders are above Grade 6, then they will be rated in accordance to the BHS Stages, BD dressage levels or jumping experience.

The aim of the lesson is to advance the rider along classical lines, by improving their position, suppleness, balance and feel. Lessons on the lunge may also be included to help the rider if necessary.

Our horses are well educated and responsive and those that are used for jumping are experienced and knowledgeable. Our school masters are also sensible and forgiving, so novice riders will be able improve their skills whilst feeling confident in the saddle.

Riding on the lunge is the best way to begin the search for your effective seat. Your instructor controls the horse so you can focus on your balance and coordination. The learning is not mental – in fact, it is purely physical. If you can allow your body to move with the horse’s movements, the muscle memory will develop on its own through the motion of the horse.
  • The instructor is experienced
  • The rider may not use a saddle
  • The rider may not use the reins
  • The rider may not use the stirrups
  • The objective is to train a rider’s seat
  • The lessons are normally no longer than 40 minutes
  • The rider practices skills like independent hands, feet and seat
  • The instructor guides the horse through the lunge (a long lead rope)
  • The rider does not focus on control but instead on posture, rhythm and balance

£40.00 – A 45 minute lunge lesson with Nikki Ward

More advanced lunging can be accomplished with your instructor such as non-progressive transitions from walk to canter, where the body has to give through the lower back and seat deeply enough to allow the horse’s movements to go seamlessly through you.

NFDC images taken in November 2013

£200.00 – For a three hour group hack with a maximum of 5 horses. Prices are pro-rata.

Service not available. Group hacks commence from June 2018.

There are currently over 50 miles of surfaced and unsurfaced rides throughout the local forest and, during the summer months, most of Epping Forest is open for hacking for free. Epping Forest is an area of ancient woodland in the south east England. It’s formerly a Royal Forest and is currently managed by the City of London. The forest lies on a ridge between the valleys of the River Lea and Roding Valley. Epping Forest covers an area of 6,000 beautiful, rich green acres. The riding tracks and scenery for hacking are magnificent.


Pentonville Lodge Stud offers several kinds of tailored services for even the most demanding of clients. It doesn’t matter whether you need some extra flat work or training for a strong horse or a refresher course for your big show tomorrow.

For example, an owner at the last minute will be unable to attend the yard to feed or a horse will need to be prepared for a prospective buyer and time is of the essence. There is always someone available for those last minute important needs.



  • An approved riding helmet
  • Jodhpurs or suitable trousers
  • Boots with at least a two inch heel
  • Some body protectors for jumping

As a responsible horse rider we would like you to show up for your first lesson with the right equipment. Whilst some yards have different dress requirements, we in general like our clients to have the above attire.



Pentonville Lodge Stud has two full-time livery vacancies for the active competing client. If you’re interested in competing then the on-site services, opportunities and level of training is a must for the discerning client. So if you’re looking for that special place where the training, clientele and ambience click all the right boxes, then Pentonville Lodge is where you need to be.